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Herx with xylitol nasal spray?


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My kiddo currently has a sinus infection and likely has chronic sinusitis.


I just made some xylitol nasal spray (distilled water, xylitol, pickling salt, GSE, and baking sofa). I used on us both a few hours ago (separate bottles) and kiddo has been upset for about 45 min. She started oral abx just for the sinus infection and no herx from that.


Has anyone seen a herx when trying xylitol nasal spray?



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I've never seen a herx from xylitol nasal spray, though we used the brand Xclear, and my pandas kiddo didn't use it often enough to be able to tell.


My observation would be that you're using more than one thing to get at the sinus infection so it may be hard to tell. FWIW, if this is a herx, I'd wonder more about GSE than I would about xylitol, and I'd wonder more about the antibiotic than I would about GSE.

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