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babesia testing (ECP? IGeneX?) and Malarone + Alinia treatment

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I've got a few questions:

  • ECP test:
    • do LLMDs think the ECP (eosinophil cationic protein) test is useful to monitor the intensity of babesia infection? Would IVIG invalidate the ECP test, like it would an IgM/IgG assay?
  • treatment:
    • I've picked up prescriptions for Alinia and Malarone for the babesia. What side effects should I expect from one or both?
    • Should I first start one and then the other to separate side effects?
    • Also, kiddo's had Diflucan for 4 days last week. His headache's a bit worse, and he's been feeling blah and very stressed. Could that be a herx reaction? Kiddo thinks it is from his fears of the impact of a climate-instability-denying, narcissistic, xenophobic, racist, misogynistic and Putin-friendly bully (that's pretty much a quote). He is scared for the world, not just the US. Thus it's hard for me to tell a herx reaction, and whether to add more drugs to the mix.
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I would start each antibiotic separately. Both will independently cause a herx. In our experience, herx's included all psychiatric symptoms.... so, 'expect' things to get worse before better and focus on detox. Our longest herx lasted five months. However, we could tell with each passing week things were improving so we continued to proceed with protocol. Wait to start second antibiotic until symptoms are better than baseline prior to starting the first antibiotic. I would start with Alinia and then Malarone. Babesia can be very tough to treat. Alinia will treat but not as directly as Malarone.


In our experience 4 days of Diflucan would not be effective for a ongoing yeast issue associated with Lyme treatment. Diflucan will also treat Lyme.


Not sure on your ECP questions. However, antibodies from IVIG will impact results when specific test measures antibody response.

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My son has babesia and our doc has him on Alinia and BAB-1 herbals. We started Alinia 4 weeks ago with a quarter pill and within the hour he started herxing. He was able to push through and after 2 weeks we added another 1/4 so he was on 1/2 tab. I think I pushed it too fast because I added another 1/4 yesterday and he's really struggling. His target dose is 1/2 pill twice a day so we're close but I don't anticipate bumping him up again to that last 1/4 pill for a couple of weeks - assuming he can push through this current herx - I may need to step him back to give him a break. Haven't even been able to consider adding the BAB-1 herbals yet until we can get thru Alinia. I guess my point is...It's a strong one - go slow!

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  • 1 month later...

Can we start a Babesia subgroup????


Our DS is in the 3rd month of Babs treatment and going for IVIG tomorrow as his encephalitis is bad (CAMKII was 231%). He is on mepron and clindamycin, plus glutathione and probiotics.



IHow could one start a babesia subgroup? I would love to, for this appears to be the key infection driving my DS's PANS, and treatment seems to require more simultaneous things than strep-triggered PANDAS. Much like what you're doing.


BTW, my DS17 had his 2nd IVIG at the end of november, and had started the babesia Tx in Nov. He's improved quite a bit since he began IVIG on 9/28/16. At least 20-25%. The last few weeks are the best he's been since he developed PANS. Don't know how much was IVIG and how much the babs tx. (he's had to stop the alinia - kept giving him diarrhea), but we continue the Malarone.


What made you add glutathione? Or test for it, if you're supplementing bec of a test?

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