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Parasitic Worms to Treat Pandas/Pans


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Has anyone had success with helminthic therapy? It is the use of parasites or worms to treat autoimmune disorders. There seems to be some interesting articles about this. When I looked back over old posts in the forum, it seemed like some people were having some success with this.









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We had success with hookworm for DS9, who used to get bacterial sinusitis with each viral infection, and this seemed to regulate his immune system so that a cold could stay just a cold.


My older son also got 25 hookworm at the time he had PANS, and for him it seemed to help a bit, but what he really needed was sleep apnea surgery. While he had sleep apnea (~27 arousals/hr) then he could not get rid of a chronic sinus infection. Without the deep sleep, his body was not effective at clearing the infection and then turning off the immune system, and his immune system just stayed in overdrive.


So not a panacea, but we did find it helpful. Do ask to see the lab results for the donor, to make sure that they don't carry any bugs you don't want. A reputable organization will be happy to supply that.


The hookworm larvae are cleaned by multiple steps (washed with multiple antibiotics, maybe alcohol... I don't remember). It's a process with some of the same risks and safeguards as IVIG or stool transplants, but with a less-established peer-reviewed process. So getting some verification that the larvae donor is safe is simply a prudent step.

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