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Crazy Behaviors in School, please help!


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Hi, this school year has been tough! My son who just became teen has been out of controlled in school like playing dandruff, earwax, passing gas in front of people in classrooms. He has been sent to principal office often. He did his homework and study at home, but need me to remind him to do his stuffs often. He takes a lot longer time to finish than before. Usually sleeps at 11:30 or 12:30 at night. Easily to be distracted, and have social problem which can't get along easily with others. Please help! Any thoughts and ideas and recommended supplements will be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much!

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It sounds like some impulse control issues, which might be part of an executive functioning dysfunction, or these behaviors might be his attempt to disperse his anxiety and/or discomfort while in the school environment. I believe I've seen your posts on some of the other forums here (PANDAS? OCD?), and some of these attention-deficit issues are frequently a comorbid condition with either PANDAS or OCD or both.


You're getting some help for the primary condition, correct? Assuming so, some, if not all, of these attention-deficit behaviors should subside as the treatment takes hold. You might also try adding some zinc to your DS's supplements as it has been studied for its positive impacts with respect to attention issues and we, as well as some other families here, have found it to be helpful.


Good luck!

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