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Bed wetting, please help!

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Hi, my son has been struggling with bed wetting for years. He just became teen. The LENS (biofeedback) he did in few years ago helped him cut down the numbers of time to go to bathroom at night into once per night. Now he usually needs to get up once at night for bathroom in order to stay dry. However, if he eats some really sweet fruits, or other food (not sure), he will wet his bed even if he is up once for bathroom. Any ideas or any recommended supplements will be appreciated. Thank you so much!

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Hi Josyjoy, I know it is so challenging to deal with bedwetting, and distressing for the youngster. You gave a good clue in your post that could be useful. You mentioned that when your boy eats sweet fruits or some other food as yet determined, he will wet the bed more often.


I would assume that his pediatrician has ruled out a structural issue.


Dr. Doris Rapp wrote about bedwetting being due to food allergy and mold/yeast infections. When you said sweet fruits make the situation worse, it made me think that your son might have a systemic yeast infection (like candida). These types of infections are worse with sweets or sugars. (Watch out for Halloween! :mellow:


I haven't had a chance to read all your other posts, so please excuse me if this doesn't make sense in the context of your previous posts.


Also, some people have tried eliminating, for example, milk with success, or corn--it all depends on the person and what they are allergic or intolerant of.


Here's one of our articles on bedwetting, focused on Dr. Mensah http://latitudes.org/bedwetting-and-fungal-infections/


You will see that the article discusses fungal infections. That is referring to a candida type overgrowth.


There's a lot of info on the internet on how to reduce candida by yourself. However, given your son's situation you might want to see an integrative physician who could test for a fungal overgrowth and prescribe an antifungal medication, if that is warranted. (Guys can have yeast issues, not just women.)


In the meantime you could also start keeping a log of everything eaten during the day so you can target what is aggravating the situation. There may be unidentified food allergies or intolerances that are playing a role.


Does your son have any other symptoms? Might there be an underlying chronic infection? We hope you can find the right answer for him. Please let us know what you think of this possibility.

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