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Immune Disorder at Root of Autism (...related to Pandas/Pans?)


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This article is from a few years back. It is striking how many kids on the spectrum have Pandas/Pans. Is there something in their genetics which makes them uniquely vulnerable to autoimmune problems? Or are the autoimmune problems causing the autism? Some kids seem to be "cured" of their autism once the Pandas/Pans is treated. Dr. Kenneth Bock suggests that even ADHD is on the spectrum and the spectrum has an autoimmune root. There also seems to be a correlation between maternal illness during pregnancy (especially in the fist two trimesters) and autism. Is there a correlation with Pandas/Pans?


The article suggest that countries with parasites don't tend to have autism (or as many autoimmune problems)-related to the microbiome theory. Has anyone used parasites to treat Pandas/Pans? I know some parasites may be the cause of Pandas/Pans, so wondering what others think. Is there any research out there on any of this?


Some quotes:

"Humans also evolved with plenty of parasites. Dr. Parker and many others think that we’re biologically dependent on the immune suppression provided by these hangers-on and that their removal has left us prone to inflammation."


I couldn't find results front this study, but it sounds interesting...


"a trial is under way at the Montefiore Medical Center and the Albert Einstein College of Medicine testing a medicalized parasite called Trichuris suis in autistic adults."

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