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After struggling with Pandas/Lyme/Bartonella for almost 12 years, trying almost everything under the sun, I feel that I owe it to this community to let others know what we have finally found. I thank you for all your support; this is working for us, and maybe it can help someone too.


DD is now 17. She has been resistant to antibiotic treatment, would not take her vitamins and basically suffered through life. DS is 19, has had unbalanced adrenals, due to lyme and pretty harsh mood swings.


There is a long story, how we found a treatment that is doing wonders for both. It is a CREAM that you apply to the skin every day. Thats ALL. This cream has originally been formulated for use for cancer, but is great for all viral, fungal, bacterial infections. Several people in my family have tried it for Lyme. Wow! the results are amazing. All of us had a herx, some more severe than others, and then the wonder of healing began. My house is calm now. We feel we are on the way out of this nightmare.


This wonder cream is formulated from zinc and copper. It overfeeds cells that do not belong in the body, thereby killing them. You can check it out on www.cancer-cell-treatment.com.


this product is not cheap. Price retails for $400.00 for 100ml. But in my opinion well worth the cost.


Feel free to ask any questions.


I do not benefit in any way from this post. Just a note of gratitude for your support in the past many years.

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I always hope something new and different will be posted on this board and I try to keep an open mind. So, thank you for posting :)


Could you describe in a little more detail what your experience has been? For example, first nothing happened for two weeks, then there was a herx which consisted of symptoms x, y and z, then we started to see gradual/abrupt/occasional improvement in symptoms p, q and r over a period of n weeks, etc. I'm particularly interested in change in PANDAS symptoms (and which ones). Thank you!


Also, your kids' situation to start with: they had lyme and bart. Did they have anything else? How about IgG levels, immune deficiency, IVIg? Thanks!

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I will focus on DD17, because she was the one with the most distressing symptoms.


She was diagnosed with Pandas : social anxiety, time management issues, poor sense of direction, severe tactile sensitivity, fatigue, poor apetite. etc etc.


Her diagnosis was changed to Lyme/Bart 5 years in. The treatment that we did for Pandas was only antibiotics, with great results, but then she could not tolerate it anymore. We started with a natural program with vitamins and herbs which she was on for the last year.


We started this cream, which the fact that she does not need to swallow pills is in itself a blessing, about 4 weeks ago, as did some of my relatives.


Since DD is very sensory she only allows me to apply once a day, very thin layer.

My relatives have used it more aggressively with more dramatic results. The first symptoms starting at about day two, is severe fatigue. Then she developed a better apetite. By day 3 there was a pretty severe herx, real off the rocker. Crying, not knowing what she wants, irritable etc. This lasted about 2 days. and from there it was good going. It feels like we are going backward in time with us seeing some of the symptoms she has displayed a while back. Peeling off layer by layer. She did have a funny cross eyed look for a few days. I feel the sensory issues are improving ( she wore a stiff blouse she has not worn for 3 years). Social behavior is also getting better.


My sisters son, went from totally time management inept to perfection in about 3 weeks. My cousins kids turned around behaviourally 180 degrees. Of course there are some bumps, but they are much more manageable.


My DD tested high strep, and DNAseB titers. We never tested DS for strep titers. Both had 2 Lyme specific IGG bands. DD was positive for Bart and Mycoplasma. DS only mycoplasma.

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Thank you! Do your kids have OCD and/or tics and has there been any change?


About how much are you applying to your dd, size and/or ml ?


It is this product? With this product, the ingredients are:


Water, Cetearyl Alcohol, Ammonium Sulfate, Zinc Sulfate, Dicetyl Phosphate, Shea Butter, Dimethyl Isosorbide, Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Ceteth-10 Phosphate, Copper Sulfate, Cetyl Alcohol, Sodium Hyaluronate, Farnesol, Citric Acid, Phenyl Dimethicone, Sodium Hydroxide, Silver Citrate.


Ammonium sulfate might give me pause - I wonder how that fits in. According to the patent application, it sounds like the ammonia bonds to the mineral (see p 5).

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Yes this is the product. It is supposed to be applied to lymph node areas and if neurological problems are involved, down the spine, starting at the base of the head. I use a thin layer.. My relatives have used a thicker layer. I use once per day, but it can be used up to 3 times a day. Let dry for 20 minutes and don't wash off for two hours.


My DD did have OCD at one point. It has been better since we have been doing lots of other things. DS had slight tics, only during flare. I don't see it now, although I saw some during beginning of treatment.

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thanks. why do you think this works?


we have seen good results with homeopathy - but i am always on the look out for plans B, C and D.


ds14 has had a bartonella-like rash for over a month. he tests negative on blood tests. he is taking a homeopathic remedy and he does not have symptoms. I cannot image what else this rash is but bart. I am happy he does not show symptoms but fear he may in the future.


sounds interesting but I also have concerns about ammonium -- do you have thoughts on that?



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I appreciate your post bws, and have a few questions for you.

What else are you doing in conjunction with the cream? You mentioned that your DD had been taking vitamins and herbs for the past year or so. Are they still taking those? Also you mentioned you saw some tics in your son at the beg. of treatment, do you recall how long they lingered around? My daughter is having pretty bad tics (motor and vocals). She tested + for babesia, myco p, and her strep titers have been ridiculously high for almost 2 years despite treatment with multiple antibiotics, herbs, heavy supplementation, diet and the kitchen's sink. We are so exhausted, and feel so isolated! Are you planning on retesting your kids for Lyme and also their titers at some point to see if their #'s are matching their symptoms (or lack thereof)? I'm glad this is working for your family, and would appreciate any more information you can give me. Thanks!

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