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If you have Lyme and are having a PANS set of symptoms, I would highly recommend seeing a Lyme-literate MD (LLMD). By treating Lyme - often with multiple antibiotics at the same time - you can often alleviate the Pandas/Pans symptoms. I'm not familiar with any LLMDs in your area but you can go to www.lymenet.com and click on the upper left link called "flash discussion" - which will bring you to a page where you can find a link called "seeking doctors". There, you can post and people in your area can make recommendations. http://flash.lymenet.org/scripts/ultimatebb.cgi


You can also send an email to www.ILADS.org and they will email you recommendations for doctors in your state.


Finally, you may want to search this forum for lyme discussions and also read the pinned threads at the top of the Pandas forum page called "helpful lyme discussions" or somethng like that - for some good starting materials.

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