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Article on autoimmune encephalitis with a section on PANDAS


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I think this is an excellent summary within the bigger picture of AE. Includes interesting discussion of the function of CamKII and the rest of the Cunningham panel. See pp. 54-65.


Autoimmune encephalitis History & current knowledge Short compendium Version 5.8, April 2016

By Finn E. Somnier, M.D., D.Sc. (Med.), copyright ® Department of Autoimmunology and Biomarkers, Statens Serum Institut, Copenhagen, Denmark
Adding, I see that pandasnetwork.org already has a related article from 2013:
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I have an annotated, highlighted and dog-eared version of Somnier's comprehensive, easy-to-read, authoritative, and beautifully illustrated compendium. And the post-streptococcal type of autoimmune encephalitis seems to be a particular interest, for he gives it a lot more space than almost all other types of AE. Have I mentioned that I find it incredibly useful??? I do.


I am just very sorry that this not a peer-reviewed review journal article -- one one could cite in discussions with insurance companies!!!


Does anyone know who Dr. Finn Somnier is and what he does?

What is Statens Serum Institut in Denmark?


Is he a basic or clinical researcher? A professor? Given how clearly this is written and illustrated, how well organized, I have wondered if it's a textbook chapter for a class he teaches.

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