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Acid reflux

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I'm in a pandas flare and can't get out of it my parents and I are trying to pick apart everything. Can acid reflux cause someone to stay in a flare? I clear my throat once in a while, cough once in a while , and once a few weeks ago I did notice really bad acid reflux but that was just one night . Maybe it could be silent reflux I have no idea , if anyone knows?

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My DS had persistent acid reflux, particularly during the thick of his PANDAs. This can be a sign that your histamine levels are particularly high. High histamine in the gut can contribute to reflux, and high histamine in the brain can contribute to anxiety and "fight or flight" sort of feelings.


You might try a Pepcid (a histamine receptor blocker) and see if that helps both the physical and mental symptoms? It did for our DS (he took a maximum strength -- 20 mg. -- during the tough days). If you find it helps and you decide to take it for some duration, though, make sure you use some probiotics to repair the gut flora that lower histamine levels can contribute to an imbalance of.


Good luck!

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401Dave -- I know a couple of families who've gone through plasmapheresis, but I don't have direct experience with it. I saw your other post, so hopefully some others who've actually had that procedure will speak up.


Also, you might consider making a sort of "introductory post," if you haven't already (I can't recall having seen one) to tell folks on the forum about yourself and your history with PANDAs. There might be some other worthwhile interventions that others have used successfully and could speak to that would fit your circumstances, as well.

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