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who can hit me with their good wording for flexibilty in attendance requirements and utilization of partial days?


he has 6 days medical absences and it's only early october. a possible strep that turned out to be a bad case of hand, foot and mouth.

the good news is he had a serious physical immune reaction -- wooh hoo -- hoping that cleared it and it doesn't go rouge to cause stealth trouble.



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Smarty --


Are these 504 accommodations, or does he have an IEP? I ask because it's my understanding that, with an IEP, there ARE no attendance requirements, so missing additional days shouldn't be an issue so long as he keeps up with the work and assessments as provided for within the ancillary accommodations.


For a 504, maybe something like "additional absences, as necessary due to health issues, to be permitted providing notification of such to school and rescheduling of any missed assessments" . . . ?


Crossed fingers!

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