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Weird rash/ virus causing flare


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Looking for some guidance here. Kiddo has been relatively episode free for the better part of the last two years since getting on daily abx. About 6 weeks ago he and his sister came down with a weird rash on their faces that later turned into cold symptoms. Pandas symptoms, tics and irratability returned. We saw pediatrician who said it was likely an unidentifed virus and it should clear on its own in a week or so. Rash and cold did dissipate but tics remained. Fast forward 6 weeks and he and his sister came down with a new rash across their chests and necks. Tics and irratibility ramped way up.


We consulted with Pandas doc and pediatrician, both said it was a new virus and to wait it out again,


Anyone have advice here. Nobody seems to want to do a blood test or prescribe any antivirals. Hate sitting and watching him regress and suffer with no direction on how to help. Any advice for dealing with viral infections?

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