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I'm currently treating my 10 yr old daughter for Lyme only using Beyond Balance herbs. We are taking the "low and slow" treatment approach with her. I ran out of the herbs last week (Thursday) and re-administered them last night (Monday). She wet her bed in the middle of the night and woke up this morning full of rage. The bedwetting has not been a problem for us for a number of months (since we started the herbal lyme treatment four months ago). So, it now has me wondering...what is the connection to Lyme and the bladder?


I went searching for an explanation this morning on the Internet, and this was all I could find: "the organ that the spirochetes are found the most in is the bladder".


Does anyone have an explanation re: the connection between Lyme and the bladder?

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Interesting. I was under the impression that such symptoms were specific to PANS/PANDAS although the connection is not understood. However, a quick google shows that various bladder issues are not uncommon in the world of lyme and co-infections. The question becomes whether there's an actual infection in the bladder (by lyme or co-infections or something leftover after treatment for the lyme, like e-coli) or whether the connection is altogether different, e.g. nervous system (neurogenic bladder).


FWIW, my ds had bedwetting issues that we managed for years with magnesium citrate. D-mannose also helped. A few months of antibiotics for lyme and co-infections seem to have kicked it to the curb. We still have other symptoms, such as plenty of OCD, but not the bedwetting/voiding dysfunction/urinary urgency stuff.

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Hello, hope this helps.... Lyme is a nasty pathogen and very hard to kill because it is cell wall deficient and has many stages in which it can hide in the body. When you kill lyme it releases neurotoxins which make your symptoms worse for a while. Your daughter is probably experiencing a die off of the lyme pathogen and as it is killed off the symptoms will get better. I have MS which is LYME... they lie and tell you they don't know what causes it but is a massive medical cover up... But I too experience a huge worsening of my bladder when I kill the lyme pathogen. Then when I give myself a break for a day or two my bladder is much better. You can always stop the treatment for a day or two and see if her bladder gets better, if it does then it is a sure sign that it is a die off. Unfortunately its something you have to work through.... As you continue the treatment, her symptoms should get better with time.

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