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Quercitin is a fruit-derived supplement that supposedly stops production of histamine at the mast cell level; you can find it in places like Whole Foods and The Vitamin Shoppe. You can also get a version of Benedryl without the pink dye which, while not "natural," would at least eliminate the dye from the equation.

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FWIW, I think you need to add an immunologist (some allergists are immunologists but I"m not sure if they all are) to your list of docs to see, especially if you can find an outside-the-box one who will understand PANS/PANDAS. There are definitely a few PANS/PANDAS docs who are immunologists. Immunologists regularly run allergy panels and you'd also want immune system bloodwork anyway.


Adding, I'm not so sure about a regular, inside-the-box allergist such as at a children's hospital is likely to be quite as helpful for the big picture, though I suppose they'd at least run some allergy testing. For that matter, whoever you see for lyme soon can presumably order bloodwork for allergy testing as well, though it seems to me that the immune system stuff gets complex pretty quickly and it can be useful to have the expertise of a good immunologist looking at your dd's case.

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This season was a tough allergy season for the entire household. Even my husband was affected, he he never has had issues.


My kids have been complaining all summer about sudden headaches, dizzy, stomach/nausea only when driving. You may have seen my recent thread about allergy treatment, but it was for food only, did not treat mold, etc....


My thought are that since seasonal allergies mess with sinus channels it has to effect the inner ear in some way. Which would make sense with the symptoms they report. When the car stops and they are out of the car, the symptoms clear immediately.


Food allergies can produce the same issues, since they can cause congestion.....


I have my kids do the netti-pod. It works very well. Kids have a tendency not to blow their noses completely and clear out everything. They sniff and sniff, which just backs up those sinus canals, hence, aggravating the inner ear. The netti-pod clears it all out.....twice daily.

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Hi Ssoda,

Any possible exposure to lyme and coinfections? Our ds7 gets the rages, responds to ibuprofen -takes edge off- has unspecified lung complaints and reaction to some abx that we (me and doc) thought was a herx. He was strep posted when this mess started in major way but also had tick exposures. Multiple regular lyme panels neg. Igenix tests positive for Babesia duncani. Regarding toe dragging, my kiddo also has experienced documented impacts to his reflexes and gait. You are probably dealing with that too. Might want a pt or ot evaluation which may help document the realness of issues.

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