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Flare from a few acne boils? Or serious seborrheic dermatitis? Lotion Tx?

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My DS17 is on Zithromax, but he has low IgA and gets skin infections easily. He's been flaring badly the last week and a few days ago -- after he complained of ice picks in his back after some falls in PE -- I looked at his back and found a couple of huge boils... as well as a few small zits.


He luckily hasn't been getting acne along with his PANS (I thank the Abx), so it didn't even occur to me to check for skin infections. I've been treating the boils and today was a bit better.


But tonight I discovered that his scalp is a mass of seborrheic dermatitis (think thick cradle cap, not dandruff) with bleeding chunks around the hairline. That's an inflammation as well, right? Could that actually be a factor in is PANS?


He can't stand the sensation of moist skin when he's flaring, which is probably why the seborrhea. I am trying to figure out how to treat his scalp without getting him all wet. No way could he take a shower in the last 10 days -- and probably not in the next couple either. So what do I treat his scalp with? I know that it's caused by an oil-eating yeast + bad genes +/- bacterial infection.

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