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Does anybody know what the following tests do and how they can help in reference to OCD.


Kryptopyrrole test


Genetic test with Great Plain Lab


Micronutrient test by Spectracell


Food Allergy test by US BioTek
Neuro-Biogenic Amines


​Thank you


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Where did you come across them?


The only one I know off-hand myself is the kryptopyrroles test. It tests for a (still disputed) biochemical glitch called pyroluria, which means you excrete a lot of zinc and B6 in your urine and may need to take zinc and B6 to make up for it. It's been said to be correlated with several different mental conditions (not surprising, if it does exist, since deficiencies of zinc or B6 are definitely known to cause mental symptoms), but as I say, it's still in dispute whether it actually even exists.


Hoping other people can contribute about the others.

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