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Do antibiotics have immune calming properties?

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My DD8 has been stuttering terribly again for a couple of weeks. No usual signs of illness (temperature normal, not fatigued), but other symptoms also presented - dark circles under eyes, rages and restless achy legs.


I have increased prophylaxis dose of abx to treatment and on day 4, symptoms gone! Speech 98%, behaviour markedly improved and her eyes are brighter. Why would this be? If she had no infection, but only a virus, why would the abx have helped? When her stuttering was at its worse, she had jaw juddering with obvious struggles and her breathing was out of sync when trying to talk. I wonder if this was a motor disturbance like a tic would be? Her first big flare 4 years ago was tourettes that appeared overnight and resolved 4 months later. We haven't seen an obvious 'tic' since. Just emotional issues and struggled speech.

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Two thoughts:

1. Some of us have kids that flare in the presence of infections in others. So there's not necessarily a need for an active infection in your child for them to exhibit pans symptoms.

2. Some kids also appear asymptomatic even though there is an active infection. You just might not know it. AND to make it worse, some kids do not even test positive for an active infection.

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