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I hope this is posted correctly and helps someone. For the past couple years my wife and I have tried "everything" for our daughters tics. Getting rid of decor and furniture, removing duct work from house, no fragrances whatsoever, food rotation, no gluten and other dietary regimens, magnesium, and many others. I have had gout for the past 15 years and daily check my uric acid with a home meter. It runs in my family as well as migraines and vertigo. We recently figured out that if my daughter and I eat a very strict low histamine diet that her tics are much much better and I can keep my uric acid below 6mg/dl. Raw goat milk is the mosy beneficial food for both of us. Our diet consists of fresh beef, eggs, einkorn flour(not whole and no yeast),raw honey, kale,bok choy,cucumber, frozen blueberries, apple, watermelon, dried and boiled fresh pintos (no leftovers), corn, and a little potato. Many things raise our histamine such as exercise and fragrances. The diet allows us to keep histamine lower. Her tics were horrible (constant jerking head back, eyes, sniffing, shoulders, and others) and she would get extremely emotional and irritable after eating anything with citric acid. There is clearly a genetic issue with breaking down histamine (mthfr?). Eating low histamine has been miraculous for both of us! She had always eaten a healthy no processed diet so this shook us. She has never even had processed sugar. I hope this helps someone else.

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