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Useful Threads & Info for Tourette Syndrome & Tics

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Hi to all of our members
this thread will remain dedicated to posting links to important topics here at Latitudes/ACN, whether link to a thread (copy and paste the URL in your browsers address and then paste here) or link to a specific post within any thread (if u look top right of the post there is a number eg #1...just click that and the post is brought up so u can copy and paste that URL)

Any links for *other* sites, where you feel they would be beneficial to the members, are welcome, but it would be a good idea to really limit those, so that what is truly clear INFO 101 threads by our own members are grouped here, allowing all members, and especially newcomers, to be able to easily find them. We also have to be careful of the perception of "endorsing" research, products, physicians etc. If in doubt as to whether a link here is suitable, just PM me and we will check it for you

What we want to do is try to only use this thread to minimize confusion and provide a comprehensive database of info that has primarily been gathered here for anyone searching for answers

Please NO DISCUSSION on this thread. Feel free to start a new thread below on any topic here for discussion

thanks for your help in putting this valuable resource together:)


**Editing In:

Editing In!

Sheila Rogers has written  some excellent resource books:

>>> Natural Treatments for Tics & Tourette's: A Patient & Family Guide by Sheila Rogers


>>> Tourette Syndrome: Stop Your Tics by Learning What Triggers Them


**Editing in that this thread is specific to tics and Tourette Syndrome and their related disorders
We have a dedicated PANDAS/PANS etc forum here and all PANDAS related threads are now being moved there. That forum will also cover what was known as PITANDs, Lyme Disease and other infection related neurological conditions that fall under PANS

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Helpful articles from Latitudes/ACN TS/Tics section(accessed from the home page at http://www.latitudes.org )


Finding Triggers For Tics by Sheila Rogers




PANDAS/OCD article by Dr Vojdani



AutoImmunity & Neurological Disorders by Dr Singh


Case reports




Tics and Tourettes: BreakThrough Discoveries in Natural Treatments Highly recommended BOOK by Sheila Rogers



for those with PHOTOSENSITIVITY:

TV/computer/gameboy impact on tics, Summary of poster's experience by Claire ...

looking at PHOTOSENSITIVITY issues that can be tic triggers for some


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These Treatments Helped Us

is a database thread of the various experiences of our members with tics, Tourette syndrome, OCD/behavioral/mood issues and PANDAS.

we hope to compile a database of what has triggered these for those represented here, as well as the member experiences of treatments that have helped. this will be a helpful resource not just for newcomers, but for all of us, so do stop by that thread and add your story. :lol: thanks!



ps a small request to keep that thread *just* for posting the info, and not for discussion. if you would like to ask questions on the various things, feel free to start a new thread on the forum and just mention you had seen this info on the other thread etc etc . thanks :lol: that will keep the database thread dedicated to just the info!

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