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Igenex Negative for Lyme?

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Hi Everyone,


Just a random thought today. Has anyone tested NEGATIVE for Lyme through Igenex? That's my skepticism re: big money tests. BUT I am definitely a Lyme believer and realize that testing is just one part of the puzzle. Many cases must be diagnosed clinically as well. Just curious regarding reliability of Igenex.

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DD14 was negative for lyme through Igenex, but she did have an IND result on one of the lyme-specific bands. She was positive for bartonella and negative for babesia microti.


We treated bartonella with abx but didn't get to full remission. Her lyme WB (Igenex) started reacting more fully (more lyme bands popping up) as her immune response improved with bartonella treatment.


It wasn't until we moved to herbal treatment with Buhner's full bartonella protocol plus the addition of some antimicrobial protozoan/babesia herbs that she became asymptomatic.

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My son and I tested negative on Igenex repeatedly over the years. He had a couple of Ind bands here and there, but I had no response. We both tested positive on the Advanced Labs culture three years ago. He also tested pos for Bartonella via Igenex seven years ago, which gave us our first clue we were dealing with Lyme & co.

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My daughter tested negative and she does not have Lyme (we tested to rule out/make certain - we didn't think it would be positive but were in the process of ruling things out to make sure we didn't overlook something). She had been tested a few years ago and was iffy - she was treated for 8 months. But this time around, everything was negative.


I know people sometimes suspect Igenex is always positive, since that's a story you hear quite a bit (e.g. I was negative on Labcorp but positive with Igenex). Yes, some people do get negatives from Igenex. The lab isn't skewing their results to fit a certain narrative - at least not in my experience.

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Here is my thought:

Average Joe Blow off the street is not getting a blood draw shelling out a grand for Lyme and co-infection testing to Igenex.

Igenex is getting blood

from symptomatic folks who Dr.s have signed off a Igenex blood order test

because there is a case for Lyme and co-infections.

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