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Inositol with lithium for OCD

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My son was taking inositol for his OCD as recommended by his integrative psychiatrist this April, but his OCD became a little worse. He is also taking a lot of other supplements,including lithium orotate.


I have just learnt from different website that Inositol cannot be taken together with Lithium, as it seems to block its action.


Has anyone ever heard of that? Please share your experience in using inositol for OCD.





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While I know inositol is supposed to help serotonin function and thereby help fight OCD, we were never successful with inositol supplementation having any tangible impact on OCD. I suspect that's because it needs to be given in copious amounts in order to be effective, and we just never found that threshold.


I don't have any experience with lithium and inositol, however, so I can't speak to that. Is your integrative physician aware that your son also takes the lithium? In any event, I would inform him of the apparent conflict.

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