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Auditory Processing Disorder

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Recently, I've been looking up things on the internet and in books to find out what's wrong with me.


It's so weird to think I might have found something to help me but I'm not sure if I should go to my doctor or not, or if he's even the right person.


So I've always had hearing problems, from about 5th to 8th grade I went to a hearing center yearly and every year they told me nothing was wrong with my ears.

My family disagreed. I have had inner ear infections many many times as a child and my mom was afraid that was why I would always go, "huh?" "what?" "repeat that?" or why I would just tune her out while reading or watching tv.


It came to the point where I was reading the material before call to know what to expect and then I had to rely on subtle messages to get the picture, ie, lipreading, body language, things written on the board etc... It helped but still became very tiring.


That's when I came across Auditory Processing Disorder story and it instantly touched me.


I had multiple friends and family fill out a survey on symptoms of it and many of them had lots of the symptoms of APD checked for me.


I haven't told them what the survey was, yet I just want to make sure.


But I want some advice on who I should go to get diagnosed or help.

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Central Auditory Processing Dysfunction is usually dx after testing at an Audiometry facility...we had my son tested at our local Florida Hospital Auditory Unit


as it was explained to us...CAPD doesnt not mean you dont hear properly, it is that you do not process what you hear correctly.




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I have this. For some reason it seems to be worse at the moment. The only things I can think of are a) change in air pressure :) starting on magnesium. Neither seem likely to affect auditory processing much though lol


The other day at the pub (no, I hadn't been drinking), someone said something and I couldn't understand a single word, like it was all in a nother language (although he was definitely speaking English). He was loud enough though.


It sounded like 'agthprmnfthryklfthrbmnd...'.

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