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Flare up after over 3 years symptom free

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I am in shock I had to log back on here. My last post was in spring 2013.

My now 9 year old daughter has no problems in what feels like forever. Suddenly this past Friday the separation anxiety and vocal tics appeared out of the blue. I hadn't heard her little vocal tic since her last flare up and I immediately knew the PANS was back.

Her sister had a sore/swollen throat earlier that week and my daughter never shows symptoms of sickness, she never gets anything like other kids but instead it seems to rear it's ugly head with ocd/tics/anxiety.


I feel defeated as I thought puberty kicking in made this all a thing of the past.....


The good news is, since we've been around this block many times, she already remembers coping strategies and although it hurts to see her in such agony with the intrusive thoughts and fears.. she is handling it better at 9 than she did at 3,4,5,6.


No insurance until September so I can't confirm if it's strep or the pnuemonia bug. (Shes had it caused by both before)




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