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We just travelled to NY last week and had a check up for my 8 year old PANS child who has been doing really well as of late.


Unfortunately, since his visit he has developed a problem with urinary urgency/incontinence. The last 2 days he seems to be in a flare.


He ended up with a fever last night and then wet the bed (he has never done this) and then he peed all over himself in public today (again never done this!). I felt so sad for him. He said all of a sudden he just really had to go and then it just happened.


This latest flare started after his brother got a fever. At the same time, he went to the holistic dentist where he had a filling out in. I forgot to mention he also lost a baby tooth last night and I have noticed he always flares after dental work or anything to do with losing teeth. Does anyone notice the same thing?


Do you know if this urinary urgency/incontinence is a tic? He has never had this before? Anyone who experienced uriniary incontinency with your child, did it just subside after the virus ran its course?


He no longer has a fever but he still has a runny nose. Other than the urinary incontinence, he seems well.


I don't know what do to, should I give him ibuprofen to see if it helps? Should I call his doctor right away and see if he needs medication to treat an infection or wait and see if his flare symptoms disappear after letting this bug run its course?


Thanks in advance!

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What helped my ds, not really for any reasons we can explain:

- magnesium citrate (this comes either in capsules or in a powder - we used to mix the powder with water and sugar to make a "lemonade")

- D-mannose - this should only have helped if there was ecoli in the bladder, so I'm not sure this makes sense, but it helped (also comes in a sweet/tasteless powder)

- antibiotics

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Yes my son had this for couple of days and he still has this issue when his tics flare up.Once we rushed him to the emergency room but everything was normal. Its just something that comes with PANDAS/PANS. It should subside on its own at least it did for my son.

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