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Anyone know current status of Amy Smith from California?

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Oh, that would be great if you could let me know, thank you very much.

Yes, I've tried the e-mail form on that website - that was the one that did once get a reply, back in May, but I've tried it again since with no result - and I've tried the e-mail address that the reply to that came from, and my mum's tried phoning.

That's encouraging to hear, anyway!

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Amy Smith IS around, I've managed to make contact with her office again and we have an appointment for next Wednesday! I can hardly believe that I can get seen so soon and with so little fuss, after all these NHS people talking about it taking weeks just to approve my referral to somewhere!


The trick seems to be to leave a message on their phone asking them to e-mail you. I think their e-mail inbox must have got so clogged when Amy went on holiday in July that they still haven't caught up, although they do seem to be answering my e-mails again now, having realised they're there - I think they were getting overlooked in the muddle before.


It occurs to me that since it's a Skype appointment, one good thing is I don't run the risk of getting dropped (like one of the people in those horror reviews) if I displease the practice manager, since she won't be meeting me! :D

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So glad that you got through! She's such a good listener, as well as supportive and informative, I think you'll be glad you persisted. I take a few of her ideas with a grain of salt (esp. homeopathy - the scientist in me can't buy into that), but in general I'm impressed by her breadth and ideas. Hope you have a similar experience.

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The scientist in you should be more careful what she takes for granted, homoeopathy almost killed me. (Well. It COULD just have been a time coincidence, but I am always convinced it wasn't - the deteriorations did coincide so closely with new remedies, over and over again. Not homoeopathy's fault as such; while I was seeing another homoeopath some years ago I was better, temporarily, than I've ever been since the OCD started - but this fellow was a maniac, I'm afraid. The worse I got, the more firmly he told me to keep taking more doses immediately. I think he'd just got it so firmly into his head that the "initial aggravation" should be over by that time that he just filtered it out when I kept telling him that I was still worse! If I ever get involved with that again, I'll know never to take another dose until the "herx" has resolved, no matter what the homoeopath says. Let that be a lesson to all of you.)


But yes, grain of salt will be duly observed! (The IV vitamins were something I was rather dubious about myself, not that that's a practical question since I'm sure we couldn't get that done here!)


Glad you think it's a good bet in general. Thank you!

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I"m right here. No changes.


EXCEPT, while I was gone, over the summer, Mike my assistant was also gone. We hired a temporary person who was a friend of someone in the practice just to cover my calls and emails. And it turned out that this person was actually very nice but a total emotional basketcase and so many things fell through the cracks, it was awful and actually scary. At the exact same time 2 people went out on maternity leave and one of the nurses had to leave for personal reasons. Things are fixed now. We are still picking up the pieces and I'm so so sorry for the confusion.


We also just hired a second person to work with only PANDAS families, and she is fantastic. Her name is Allison and you will love her.

I'm very sorry this happened, it won't happen again, I promise.


Sometimes things do go to the phone tree during the day if everyone is on the phone. Mike or Allison will get back to you promptly.


There is also an internal email that if you send something to will go directly into the electronic medical record. You are free to use it to reach out, its a little weird but here it is:



Here is my email, you are always welcome to contact me directly: amyjoysmithnp@gmail.com


Many people do facebook me, in a pinch you can always do that.


Sorry again, it was a transient issue and you fell into that weird moment, i'm so sorry.



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I would like to briefly share:

Amy Joy Smith worked with my daughter and I over the last 2 years.

If I spoke to a supplement recommendation and said:

We tried homeopathy, did not work for us, or,

my daughter won't take a pill if it's dark green,

immediately response: no problem, I understand.

Because she totally understands.

I could write a whole lot more

but I will close with

Thank God for Amy Joy Smith,

and her depth of knowledge, intelligence, ongoing education,

blood sweat and tears

with helping and transforming the lives

of our children. And adults.

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I didn't know you were a member! Ouch, that really does sound like a mess, sorry to hear about that. I hope you've been able to get things somewhat back to normal now at last. Wanted to say thanks for being so thorough and attentive once we did get the appointment arranged. It's such a lovely change to be working with someone who really talks to you, like anyone would innocently expect. We've been knocking our heads against a long line of practitioners who don't definitely acknowledge that you even said anything, or else come back with an answer to a completely different question, or something poker-faced that you can't attach any meaning to at all - it seems an astonishing luxury to be able to hold such a sane, human conversation with Amy and her staff!


my daughter won't take a pill if it's dark green

haha EXACTLY, perfectly sums up the kind of chaos you're up against with PANS! and that's why it's so great to be able to work with a nice, helpful person who says "OK, how can we arrange something", rather than making bleeping noises and repeating their previous statement! Edited by Wombat140
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