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Looking for PANDAS doctor in Michigan

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I am just starting on trying to get my daughter diagnosed. Not even sure what type of Doctor is the best to diagnose it. Trying to avoid the run around as my daughter is 15, but had too many matching symptoms of PANDAS to ignore.

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I really recommend the guy from Gahanna,OH....about a 4 hour drive from Ann Arbor. He is integrative where he will focus on the whole child. All aspect pertaining to immune system, infections, chemical imbalances, nutritional/mineral deficiency, allergy......It is very comprehensive and thorough approach to healing our kiddos.

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There is a support group that meets in Ferndale (metro-Detroit area) monthly (except they break for the summer).  The next meeting is Sept. 23.

My daughter is 6, and PANDAS is a suspect.  She has had tics for over 2 years.  We are working with Dr. Beurkens, Horizons Medical Center, near Grand Rapids.  She is a psychologist and nutritionist, with an integrative approach.  Most of the consulting is via phone, and we're on-boarding an integrative medicine practitioner, Dr. Neuenschwander, in Ann Arbor, to work with us.  We are exploring many different non-medicated options with Dr. Beurkens, and seeing some improvement with frequency and severity of tics.  Dr. Beurkens is awesome - she provides support for the whole family. 

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