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Huge anxiety and OCD related to problem on adrenals?

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Help please! My ds 19 ( Pans ,Bartonella,Lyme)make the adrennals cortex panel from Genova .That shows that the cortisol levels in the morning are in normal rage ,after noon increase the levels ( upper of normal levels) until 4 in the afternoon and after go down of normal levels at 22.00.

. My son about 15:00 in the afternoon has always increase of anxiety with panic attacks. And OCD This is maybe related to adrenals ups and downs ?What can I do?

I have several adrenals support as adrenal from Neutramedix and Adrenal Glandular from Nitricology.

All the doctors now is on vacation and I don't know what to do!

Can I give these products and what time must I give that ?

Thanks in advance

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