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Lyme Literate Doctor on the East Coast

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Hello. I have two children who have Lyme and Bartonella. They are being currently treated, but my teenage daughter is still having joint issues, I noticed a rash on her leg and it is not itchy. If she plays in a soccer game at the end her knee might hurt for 2 days, or has back pain. She also said her ankle hurts too. I am looking for another opinion. Could you PM me with experiences and names? Thank you!

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My son has Lyme disease confirmed with lab testing and Bartonella as well as PANDAS from strep and an occluded sinus that has not responded to treatment these last six months. He sees Alexis Chesney at Sojourns Medical in Southern Vermont for the Lyme disease and she is also becoming increasingly aware of treatment for PANS. Good Luck!

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