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Could HPV virus be a trigger to PANS/Pandas symptoms?

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Hi everyone,

a couple of nights ago I realised that the tiny cluster of skin tags under my boys chin are actually warts!

I first noticed the 'skin tags' 6 years ago. I feel terrible now knowing they're warts and that he's had them for so long without my treating them for him.


I have suspect that he has had PANDAS for the last 3 years but wondering now if he has PANS or even both conditions. Has anyone observed a link to HPV virus and the Pandas/Pans symptoms?




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We have always tested mycoplasma was our main issue as this number has always been high. However, in our initial testing back in 2014, our HHV6 was high at over 7. This past month, this is one of the test we ran and he was at 29. I am now wondering if we need an antiviral in place of or to go with the abx. Maybe the virus is contributing to the OCD behavior.

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