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Lyme but not PANS?

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My older son had severe PANS from ages 5-9. I've lived through that ###### with certainty. Never knew his triggers despite all the tests. Found homeopathy after three years and he recovered completely with it. He's 11 now.


My younger son's behaviors started raising flags with me at age 4. He's 5.5 now. It was a quick, but not overnight onset. Thanks to his brother's history, I had an idea what was going on. Started with the homeopath right away- still doing it with no luck. On my younger son's worst days, he is a million times better than my older son was on his best days. My younger son seems to lack the psychiatric component (thank God!). We've done all the tests and have no trigger.


Could it be that both boys have Lyme but only my older son had PANS?


Or could it be that both boys have PANS but only my older son has Lyme?


Both boys have positive bands on Igenex but are labeled negative for Lyme.

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What are the behaviors if they are not neuropsychiatric in nature? What are his symptoms?



By "all the tests" do you mean for infections like strep? what about lyme co-infections? have you done a Cunningham panel?



What bands were positive on Igenex?

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The behaviors are mild OCD that don't affect his or the family's quality of life. They present like tics but they're more compulsion-driven. But the world doesn't have to stop for him to complete them (it did for my older son).


We are patients of a PANS/Lyme dr. and he's run the gamut of tests.


IGM results are IND on bands 31 and 41. IGG results are IND on 39, +++ on 41, and + on 58.

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I was going to ask about coinfections as well.


DD14's PANS symptoms were caused by bartonella infection which is notorious for causing psychiatric issues. For DD is caused motor/vocal ticcing, ADHD, the gamet of PANS symptoms.

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