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Cunningham panel question

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Quoting a very old post by Buster from here

Anti-lysogangliosides measure interference with gangliosides and this doesn't mean they attack the gangliosides, but rather seem to bind to what the ganglioside was trying to connect to. This means they either cause more signalling (because they bind) or stop signalling (because they bind and the normal signal can't get through). I'm not sure they know which is occuring.

There was one specific antibody that interferes with lysogangliosides known as 24.3.1. It is this antibody that is thought to cause the high Cam Kinase II activation. What has been interesting is seeing folks with high CaM Kinase II and low anti-lysogangliosides -- so it's possible something else is happening. My understanding is that for these tests, Cunningham is not isolating the 24.3.1 but rather testing the serum for all the anti-lysogangliosides at once.


I just wondered if anyone else had this situation, high CamKII and low anti-lysoganglioside. We did the panel over a year ago. I just noticed that my ds's anti-lysoganglioside is borderline low and I wondered what, if anything, it might mean (his CamKII was 167).

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We're in a similar situation, with the additional quirk that this 16yo doesn't show any strep antibodies at all.


Aren't all adolescents already supposed to be immune to strep -- that's why PANDAS was defined to be only a childhood-onset illness, right?


In contrast the Cunningham panel shows:

DRD1 = 500 [mean 1,056; 500 - 2,000]

DRD2L = 4000 [mean 6,000; 2,000-8,000]

LYSO = 80 [ 147; 80- 320]

Tubulin = 1000 [ 609; 250 -1,000]

CAMKII = 184 [ 95; 53 - 130]


So DS was below the mean on all tests except for borderline-high Tubulin .... and yet a Cam-KII almost in the range they see with Sydenham's Choera.


My uneducated guess is that his PANS is NOT strep triggered and the Cam-KII is picking up the effect of other anti-neuronal antibodies.

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Just tacking on, what if the D2 titer is borderline low? If anyone wants to help me think through this, if the dopamine receptors are getting attacked by antibodies at a lower-than-normal rate, could that mean there are more available dopamine receptors, i.e. the brain is more sensitive to available dopamine? Or do I have something mixed up?

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I don't really have any input but I thought I would show my son's Cunningham scores....which includes very high Cam Kinase and the only "normal" or in the "green" value for the lysoganglioside....


DRD1 = 8,000

DRD2L = 32,000 (not a typo)

LYSO = 320

Tubulin = 4,000

CAMKII = 210

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