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Need advice; another ds showing tics

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It's been awhile since I have posted. Oldest ds, now 15, has always had tics since he was little. Still has them but not as severe as he used to; tics when stressed, reading, watching tv. Youngest ds, 8, never showed signs of tics until the last couple of months. He stretches his neck back almost like a swan. This has been for over a week. Prior to this one, he would hold his hand in front of one eye then the other. In school, he has been a little more distracted. Not sure if this is because we are so close to summer. This ds had his tonsils and adenoids removed a year ago due to reoccurring infections. Some infections were strep but most were not. I tried to eliminate dairy, though not completely and saw absolutely no change. We eat a clean diet as I am familiar with this because of my oldest. I thought about possibly Lyme disease as he is in the woods and we have found deer tics but I have not seen any indication that he is infected. In looking at the PANS info, he doesn't seem to fit the profile, if there is one. There has not been a sudden change in behavior. I'm stumped. I don't know what to do. I'm so stressed and upset. I fear that I am headed down the same path as the oldest. I don't know what to or how to help him. Any advice or insight would be appreciated.



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Hi San

So glad your older son is doing well though sorry to hear of the tics starting with the younger one.

Honestly, with the possibility of strep as well as tick bites, I would consult someone who can check that for you.

The parents on our PANS forum might have insight? I know that though behavioral changes are often a PANS symptom, some children only manifest tics, or some other symptom.

It may not be related to PANS, but imo worth at least ruling out?


The fact that 2 children now manifest tics could indicate Tourette? but then it could indicate some other common trigger? Always hard to have to work through so many variables but as so many parents have found, the sleuthing often leads to ways to bring about improvements.

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I have been thinking about what you said and the more I thought, I realize that my youngest ds did show tics earlier. He had this sniffing of everything tic. I'm not quite sure why I never really put it together since my oldest ds showed tics at a very young age, too. I will still post on PANS but why is it that the tics seem to have exploded around 8 for both? I have read that to be the case but what is the connection with that time in development?


Also, another question, my oldest ds is 15 and will start driver's ed in the next year or so. I am concerned about driving and ticcing...my ds tics when I am driving and he is beside me. His tics are mostly stretching his arms and bending over. Both of which can not happen while driving! Any thoughts for those of you who have been through driver's ed?




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My daughter has just developed tics because of a teacher who has physically attacked her at school. You have mentioned teasing, or something similar at pre-k...It will be worth checking this out as the body excretes Cortisol through the Adrenal Glands if a trauma happens. Cortisol is a flight-or-flee hormone that goes out of balance when a very stressful situation occurs like going back to school. She clearly does not sound happy at school and although I am also a beginner and not an expert at all, I shall change schools. Do not just give Magnesium because everybody else says so. It could well be an Cortisol imbalance which according to my knowledge, can only be treated by a Cortisol balancer or something like that. From another father whose daughter just developed tics because of trauma.

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