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RASH - did/does you child have one?

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My DS15 has had a rash that comes and goes. It always shows up during IVIG but it is kind of like a hot flash.and in that it only stays for 1-10 minutes and then goes away. It is not raised - just red and has presented two ways. It is on his chest, shoulders and neck. It is is large red splotches or it is a weird non uniform outline (kind like the grout in a walk way flagstone. The rash also shows up occasionally in between monthly IVIGs. It showed up yesterday and it is 28 days post his last IVIG. My son's immunologist and neurologist do not have an answer for the rash. My son has had some great success with IVIG and steroids but nothing is holding. I feel like this rash has to be a clue but I don't know for what so I thought I would ask if anyone else's child has experienced this rash and know what is means? Thanks for your help. Also - he has been tested by IGenix for Lyme and co-infections and was negative.

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I don't have a diagnosis for my daughter, but all of her symptoms started with a rash, and since then she gets rashy often. Her first one was all over light pink dots, almost like goosebumps, but pink. Then that changed into real red bumps throughout her body, but no longer on like the pores. Just random kind of everywhere. Then that changed into larger, blotchy areas, then that broke up and it looked like she had bad eczema on her face, behind her ears, behind knees and creases of elbows. Ever since then she gets eczema flare ups, but this was the first. Towards the end she also had bumps on her fingers and toes, and they eventually peeled. Ever since this first time she has periodic rashes, random bumps,never diagnosed.

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The grout like rash that comes and goes seems like Bartonella. When the rashes have appeared for my children they have come and gone within 24 to 48 hours.


You can google Bartonella Rash Images and see if any of those photos resonate with you.

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