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can sexual arousal be a tic?

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This is my first post and i rly need help so plz answer if you can:) I apologize for the sexual content...


I have a tic syndrome characterized by a bunch of complex motor tics. These usually get worse at night or when i am alone. I am currently taking no treatment or medication for this because i believe i can manage to live with it (I also have ocd, add and posibly ptsd)


However there is one thing that really bothers me and I'm not sure if its a tic or some sort of sexual dysfunction. What happens is this: countless times a day at home, outside, at night, in the day i feel an urge to clench or move my vaginal muscles. It is a little similar to having a split second orgasm but it is NOT VOLUNTARY AND NOT CAUSED BY ACTUAL AROUSAL it's just sort of like I have to do it and I hate it. It's like having zero control over my body and worse over my sexual experience. Usually it follows or is followed by a lot of my other motor tics, especially those in my legs and feet. It feels exactly like a tic does--the urge and the helplessness to stop. Does anyone know anything about this???? When I actually am sexually active in a normal voluntary way it calms the tics down for a little, but it always comes back after some time.


I end up twitching in my seat, which looks like the tic is in my whole body but its only because of the movement down there.... Please please someone help me !!! Thank you

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It's really hard to say whether you are experiencing a tic that way, per se. A physician that cared for my son once educated us about Tourettic OCD symptoms, which is basically a "morphing" of tics and OCD symptoms. So what you describe sounds a bit like that to me?

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How uncomfortable! Has it gotten an better yet, since tics tend to morph to other tics?


Could be a tic, or could be from the stimulation that results from the contractions of all the pelvic and thigh muscles involved in your tic. Some women are able to get an orgasm from some Yoga positions, or the stimulation of bike riding, or voluntary thigh movements.


However, since feels like a micro-orgasm, it might simply be what you suppose -- the vaginal contractions that are part of your complex tic.

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