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How long is the McLean program? We are currently scheduled for Rothman for later this summer, but may not be able to commit to the full three weeks due to prior schedule conflict. Does anyone know if you can do 2 weeks or would we need to reschedule for a time when we can do all three weeks?

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There's a program at UNC Chapel Hill and one at Reid Wilson (also in Chapel Hill). There's another program in Ashville, and several in Florida, which may be closer than Boston. You can search here for contact information:




All the best!

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I took our child to Rogers Memorial Hospital and it is an amazing program. This was one of the best decisions that our family made. The doctors and staff are excellent. The one thing that made this program successful is that the parent(s) are involved. When we first started my son had about 32 OCD issues, by the time we left it was down to 2-3. With 1 being still a big one, but they taught me how to help him. My husband stayed home with our other children and I was in FL with our son. We left the program in July of 2016. The program taught me not to make accommodations to enable his OCD and how to do exposures with him and talk about his OCD together. He still uses the skills they taught him. If you are able to go there I would highly recommend it. Please feel free to message me any questions.

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