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Doctor in Florida? Desperate.

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My daughter has had severe tics for about 10 months. Her peds suspected PANDAS. Her ASO test came back high. He put her on Omnicef and it was like a miracle. Every symptom went away. 2 days after she stopped the medication her tics came back and within 2 weeks were worse then before. He then tried Amox which did nothing. I pretty much begged him to try Omnicef one more time and she has only been on them 3 days and already almost all tics are gone. He said this antibiotic is too strong to continue and that he wont write another script for it and I need to see a specialist. I'm so scared on what is going to happen when we stop this medication this week.


I live on the east coast of Florida but will travel anywhere. Does anyone know of a doctor?

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