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Tick bite - lyme. can we test the bug?

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I'm on a downer now thanks to a nasty little bug!


My son has had suspected PANADS for 3 years - hasnt been easy cant get tests etc just have to manage the symptoms.


And now (yesterday) I found a tick on my daughter! All the reading i've done about PANDAs and Lyme is sending me into a head spin.


It's the 'what if' thats making me worry.


We're in the UK and antibiotics aren't given as a prevention, so it's a long worrying waiting ahead to see if she gets ill.


I still have the bug and was wondering if anyone knows any labs i could send it to. Rather than wait to see if she gets ill.

At least then we could show any positive results to dr. to get her antibiotics.


thanks x










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Igenex will test the tick http://www.igenex.com/Website/


Given your situation of having to manage symptoms without proper medical testing & treatments, you may find help by reading Stephen Buhner's books on Lyme, mycoplasma and anaplasmosis as well as his general book on natural antibiotics. I've found great success with alchornea (in his Natural Antibiotics book) to treat many bacterial infections and am having success with Red Sage (in his anaplasmosis book) for tics.


I used to dismiss herbs as less effective than antibiotics but have come to see them as far more effective, easier to get and dispense at first signs and gentler on the rest of the body. I highly recommend his books even if you don't have infections that come from ticks.

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Thanks so much for the replies.


I called the GP yesterday and told her about the tick bite and she told me that she'd seen a few adults with complications after tick bite recently and suggested prophylaxis with amoxiclin - i was really surprised this is almost unheard of in the UK.

its controversial but I'm just hoping its was the right thing to do. I have a feeling its not going to be as straightforward as taking antibiotics = job done......... I'll also have to watch out now for candida issues too.

I wish I knew more about natural antibiotics I'm definitely going to read up on Stephen's work, the whole family would benefit, thanks llm. I've heard of thyme oil helping with pandas but have havent tried out yet.


I've looked at those suggested labs thanks again, but they dont seem to deal with UK. I'll keep googling.


tiger x

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Hi Tiger, welcome to the forum. I'm in the UK too and struggling to get access to PANS treatment (or even testing). I've seen a few UK people on here recently, all puzzled, maybe we should start a UK Information thread and swap what we can find!


It may be too late for this now, as it says you should do it within 8 hours (though it's not clear whether that means for the test to be valid, or just to have the best chance of avoiding infection), but for future reference, here's this testing kit that I happen to have seen in a catalogue we get: http://www.qwerkity.com/tick-test-prod17361/ It looks as if you don't even have to post it to anyone - it's a kit you use at home and see the results.


Glad to hear your GP gave you the antibiotics, anyway - that makes life easier! Most likely the tick wasn't carrying Lyme disease anyway, or if it was it wouldn't necessarily have infected your daughter - I read that the tick usually has to be in place for 48-72 hours to transmit the disease. Those were American ticks (deer ticks, Ixodes scapularis, which aren't found here) so I don't know whether the same is true of the ones we get here (mainly Ixodes ricinus), but it seems a reasonable guess that it would be.

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Hey If you are really concerned about a tick bite being lyme I would process the tick through igenex or other lab rather than bay area lyme. We sent a tick s/p it imbedding in my sons neck to bay area and despite emailing and calling and over 2 months passing I have not heard a result in return. I may be an anomaly but if you are TRULY concerned rather than merely curious (we were curious…..it was a dog tick and we live in TN and we are treating for Lyme via herbals regardless) I would go through igenex. just my two cents :)

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