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Hi I suspect my son has PANDAS, 3 years now. In the uk its just not known about by GPs etc. Still trying to find a medical professional who will acknowledge my son symptoms maybe even run some tests and not just chalk it down to autism or tourettes or just plain old fashioned 'growing up' !


So I try to manage his symptoms the best I can indiviually. I'm never sure whether to post in PANDAs or in the Tics forum, anyway......


His tics have reduced so significantly since last year but they show themselves to me in little flashes just to let me know they're still there, which always brings me back to my PANDAS theory. Its correlates either with illness or if he's eaten something new/ been to a party where I cant regulate the food. The sensory issues are always there and the meltdowns and regression also fluctuate.


I've heard that thyme oil can help (help for healing site) . I havent heard directly from the people who run the site but I was wondering if anyone else had heard about this?


Which type of thyme oil is it? There are a few red thyme/ white thyme .......

What do we do with it .... ingest or massage?


thanks x

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