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FEVER 2 days post IVIG?

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My DS15 had his 7th IVIG on Tuesday & Wednesday this week. He woke up yesterday (Saturday) with a migraine like headache which he gets about every other infusion. We got the headache manageable and then in the afternoon he started to complain about his body hurting. Then he was complaining about being hot and cold. I checked his temperature and it was 100.8. I called the immunologist on call. He thought it was a "sub-clinical latent infection/virus" that was triggered/irritated/awoken by the IVIG. My DS was already on tylenol and aleve. The aleve was just about out so I switched to Advil. It did nothing. His fever conintued to climb to 101.5. Finally gave him 2 extra strength tylenol a little early and that seemed to stop the climb and his temp slowly started to decline. When I was able to get his fever back to normal he was really struggling and had one of his worst flares I have seen in months. Some of the most dramatic chorea movements I have seen in the past year since he went on his first antibiotics a year ago I continued to wake him every 5 hours through the night and give him more tylenol to keep the fever down. He is ok this morning. Just extremely tired and wiped out.


Has any of your children experienced this post IVIG?


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