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Ketamine -- any experience, please?

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I am just bumping up this post by a new member as there is a lag in first posts showing on the forum


I was asked to respond to this by Lisa Moore after she saw a post on another site that said we have Ketamine IV Therapy experience. My daughter, age 17 + 11/12 (18 real soon) recently was administered Ketamine IV's for her medication resistant depression / anxiety / PTSD....she has been diagnosed with psychogenic non-epileptic seizures (PNES) which I only have buy....I know she has been injured by the HPV Vaccine, Gardasil. Gardasil has caused autoimmune encephalitis....triggered a dormant Lyme and POTS, PANS, neuropathy, and other syndromes and illnesses, Candida in the gut, leaky gut, - My daughter's doctor gave 6 Ketamine IV's: small dose 2 x a week for 3 weeks.....we are now one week beyond Ketamine and waiting and watching for a response....Typically the research shows very good results and with some results after the first IV.....my daughter did not respond like that. We paid $3,000 for this therapy which is not covered by insurance because it seemed to be much more than a band-aid....Ketamine IV Therapy is supposed to regenerate the branches of nerve connections....repair....get the neurons talking to one another. Sadly, we have not seen this yet. The first 4 IV's were tolerated very well with pretty loopy during the IV.....this was amusing and just went away after the IV was done. The last two IV's got a different response....bad thoughts of suicide and panic, etc. - I wish I can be more positive...I will update this information and reply if something changes.

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Hi pr40. Thank you for this post. I watched with great interest. DS15 has the temperature issue as well. In fact it was one of his major symptoms prior to a flare. He is always wearing short sleeves and complaining of being too hot - but during a flare he flushed and felt as if he was burning up.


Unfortunately I have learned the hard way to not get too excited when I see a new treatment option. The video looks so promising but I'm a natural skeptic. I do think however if one presents with the temperature issues - it could indeed be worth a try as its intranasal and low dose with seemingly little side effects to start. Long term, I would be concerned about addiction or what it does to the brain. But it could buy some time and provide some relief possibly.


I do wonder if these kids in the video were additionally screened for infection/parasite, thyroid disorder, autoimmune. Much of what they describe sounds so PANS related. My driving force is always that these horrific things dont just happen to people. Something causes the problems. The challenge is always finding the root cause.


Please please keep us posted on what you find.

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"if night sweats, have you considered Lyme/babesia/bartonella"

we did the lyme test early on and it was not positive. he doesn't have many of the other babesia symptoms. thanks for trying

the description in AHERLTH post is about IV. we are thinking of nasal infusions. I am sorry the IV ketamine did not work -- I don't know how to turn off the bold letters.

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Night sweats and low grade fevers are a strong indication of Babesia. Our children only a few symptoms of Babesia of occasional air hunger, night sweats, flushing, low grade fever or temperature intolerance and are very responsive to treatment.


Perhaps a trail of anti-malarials would help.

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