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Psych ER admit

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We are at the ER for a psych admit.


What are the correct things to say so that we get appropriate treatment for DD. Our hospital does not believe in pandas. DD wants to kill herself and us multiple times a day. She is ripping her hair out and biting herself in rages. She has told me she wants to start cutting.

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First, prayers to you and your family. If the hospital does not believe in Pandas, that makes it more difficult. Perhaps instead of using the name Pandas, use the term auto-immune disorder. Cite observations that when your daughter gets sick with a cold, stress, etc....she gets worse. If she has windows where she is/was non-symptomatic talk about those. Share insights to all the clinical research studies that are starting to link mental health issues to the autoimmune system. Try not to get too emotional. They will hold that against you. It is hard, I know. If they decide to run some tests, see if you can lean them to run some Pandas tests without the association.

Can you have her transferred to a hospital that believes in Pandas?


Also, remember, if they can stabilize her with western psych meds that is good....at least in the short term while you search for answers....


Hope this helps...

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I'm so sorry. Autoimmune encephalitis is the dx given to the girl in Brain on Fire and treatment options were similar to those for Pandas - IVIG and plasmapheresis. Duke embraces the AE dx. Maybe you can ask questions that lead them that way?


I know this must be so very hard for all of you. A living nightmare. I can't imagine how scared and sad you all must be. You just want what's best for the child you love. Try to focus beyond this and know you'll find your way out.

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