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abilify -- your experience, please

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I looked for experience with abilify here on this forum and it seems that some kids did well on it. we are starting low and slow and so far, third day, it seems to have a more positive effect on rages than anything we tried before.

I would like to ask you for if it worked for your kid and how. I am especially interested in long term experiences. Please post so that others can refer to them as well.

thanks in advance

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PR40 -- I saw this post a couple of days ago but purposefully held back on responding because we really don't have any "long term" responses to share, and I suspect you saw some previous posts on this topic I made years ago during your search. But now I've come back and see your thread still has no responses, so I thought I'd drop you a couple of thoughts.


My first question would be, is your DD taking any other "psych" drugs, SSRIs, etc.? My understanding with regard to Abilify when it was first prescribed for my DS was that it's supposedly a "booster," potentially improving the efficacy/positive impacts of other medications like anti-depressants and/or SSRIs. In my DS's case, it didn't seem to do anything for him, really, though I can't recall the dosage and I don't think we had him on it for very long because we didn't see that it was really bringing anything to the table for him. We tried in on two separate periods, and saw nothing either time.


Like so many other things, I really think it comes down to personal chemistry. My DS was older than your DD, and he didn't really rage externally so much as internally, though we would occasionally find ourselves on the receiving end of it when we attempted to intervene in a ritual or set of pervasive thoughts he was jammed up with. We found we had more success with another medication (Lamictal) for those sort of behaviors.


Sorry I don't have more experience to share, and I hope you continue to see improvements with the Abilify. All the best!

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