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New symptoms (pandas or something else?)

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Would love opinions about a few things that may/may not add up to something. My DS (12) had a tonsillectomy about five weeks ago. He had a great recovery and no big post op flare. Over the last two weeks, he has developed two pretty major tics. He had three nighttime accidents in a row (not entirely unusual but he hadn't had one in a long time) and then has been fine. Then this week,he had two daytime incidents of incontinence. I took him to be tested today for a UTI and there was a small amount of protein in his urine but the test was negative for infection. They tested his glucose and it was 99. The nurse didn't really react but also didn't say that was within normal range. She just suggested that we check it again whenever he has bloodwork next time. My gut says something is going on but I'm not sure what. Flare? Growth spurt? Some new and terrible diagnosis that is going to rock our world? I may have a little PANDAS PTSD so am looking for anyone with a level head here that might have seen these symptoms before. It feels like something but I'm not sure what.

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I don't know about the test results you mention but I would call the doc and ask for an explanation. I can tell you both of my pandas kids had tonsillectomy and were seemingly pandas free for the first time. Within 6 weeks they both flared! I have also found that each time they flare their symptoms can be totally different. My son had it he worst. An example of changes I can tell you is that he has phobias and panic attacks but the things he is afraid of changes every time. He presents with completely different symptoms every time, and every kid is so different. This could most definitely be a flare. Have you tried Motrin? Are you still treating with antibiotics? I'm sure some kids present exactly the same way with each flare but I can say with full certainty that my sons changes every single time and can run the gamut from tics, to severe OCD, depressions, ODD like symptoms and overall strange personality.

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