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Rogers in Tampa


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Try searching these forums for "Rogers". I cam across threads of others sharing their experiences at the Tampa location. You may also try taking a look at their Facebook or Yelp page for other people's feedback.


Additionally, The PANDAS network has a list of physicians on their website and one is located in tampa. Here they are. Might be worth giving them a call and seeing if they are connected to Rogers where your DS will be.


Dr. David Berger
Tampa, FL


The IOCD also lists IOCD Professional members at ROgers Tampa. Here's that info:


Eric Storch, PhD

Phillip Seibell, MD

Stephanie Eken, MD

Phone: (844) 220-4411


Hope this helps!



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We are in Tampa. Dr. Berger isn't associated with Rogers, he is a holistic pediatrician who is PANDAS knowledgeable, but not part of the program.


We did the 6 week outpatient program for both of my kids last summer (7 and 9 at the time). It was great. Dr. Josh Nadeau who was previously at the Rothman Center had been my daughters therapist previously, and when he followed Dr. Storch over to Rogers from Rothman, we wanted to continue to work with him.


They understand PANDAS very well, and the challenges it poses. They never once in the 6 weeks recommended any types of psych meds - strictly therapy techniques. It's a very interactive process where the kids work with lots of people and other kids with similar issues. I think that really helped my daughter a lot to see that there were others like her. We worked with Dr. Becky and she was wonderful.


It really was a great experience, but it's tough - they really push the kids, but in a good way.

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Thanks for the feedback. We are really hoping for great outcome. I know it's going to be hard and emotional to confront fears and anxieties. Hope we can follow through and get tools to make life a little easier for ds11.

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