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need help , son bitten by deer tick, possibly lyme disease

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My son, Last 2 days, low grade fever, aches on joints..

Did not think much about it.


Help dry him up after shower.

Saw bite mark of deer ticks.




Glad was noticed of this mark this early...


Most likely antibiotics..



How do I give probiotics?

One hour after antibiotics or before antibiotics.



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Why before though?


Would not the antibiotics kill them?


I have never been so scared in my life, but then this group has been through worst.

This won't keep me or my family down.


Thanks Allision(I think; I have forgotten what A stands for :-) )



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Hi Daniel

i usually allow three hours between anti and probiotics so that they dont interfere with each other, and would give the pro 3 hrs after the anti


Daniel, there is no need to be alarmed yet as you have hopefully caught this in time. And not every tick bite transmits disease. But it is essential to have your Doc check him out and start immediate treatment.


If for any reason your doctor suspects a Lyme disease infection, there is a lot of VERY helpful info available on NeuroTalk's Lyme Forum, and I also have friends dealing with this.


MonoLaurin (by Ecological Systems, available thru the Vitamin Shoppe) is a very powerful natural anti-microbial that is even showing promise with HIV etc....where most antibiotics dont kill viruses, it appears to inhibit them.


I know there are specific courses of antibiotics used for Lyme too


Hoping this is able to be quickly contained.


Lifting prayers for your son and for you. (((Daniel)))

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Thanks Cheri,

I will check out the site.

For 3 days he has low grade fever and aches. Is that indicative of Lyme disease?

The MonoLaurin is not to be taken with antibiotic together right?


Also enzyme at meal time should still be okay right?

Should I stop my son taking enzyme?




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My mom caught lyme in the early stages, and her Dr. said if caught early lyme is about 95% curable.


Eating food rich in Vit C will help with the flulike symptoms. Garlic is a natural antibiotic.


Is this the same child who has TS? If so hopefully he already has a built up immunity.


I couldn't tell from your post if you have been to the Dr. yet? Would love to hear what they say.


My 15 year old's best friend has just found out she has lyme. apparently she has had it for a long time.

So far she has done really well on the treatment her Dr. has her on.


I wish I had more info for you.

God Bless,


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I'm so sorry to hear you are going through this scare with your son.


I just want to ask, if you see the often described "bulls eye," around the bite?


Also, remember that the enzymes are things that are naturally found in our bodies. You have to be careful in regards to time release medication taken with enzymes and I believe it is recommended to stop their use if you are having surgery. If your son is prescribed anything that you are unsure if it is safe, taken with the enzymes, call Houston. They are really good at answering questions like that. I am a big believer in taking things as far away from each other as possible. If I read take 2 hours away from something, I usually go 4 to 6,(or longer) just to be as safe as possible.


I just want to mention to Chemar, that you posted questions to her above my post, so I don't cause her to miss your question to her :)


Please let us know how he's doing, and what you find out.

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Thanks Cheri,C.P.,and Kim.

Came back from doctor.


Amox for 6 weeks. After 6 weeks blood test.

It is a small bullseye mark.


I will call Houston Enzyme.


C.P. Yes he had tics but don't think TS.

He had his tics in remission for about a year now.


Doctor said early stage is 100% cureable so it is close to 95% :-).


Garlic , honey, vitamin c are definitely good source.


Cheri, great website and scary. They are not bacteria but some kind of protozoa..whatever that means.

I hope they get eradicated in my child's body.

School is allowed after 2 days. During 2 days he might feel chills do to the die-off. All told by this doctor.


Thanks All..



Make sure to check your kids neck, ear , underarmpit and crotches for deer ticks or bites per doctor

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sorry to hear that your son got a tic bite. sounds like you are on the right track. i am sure he will recover in no time.


just curious, can you have a tic bite and no symptoms? because my son came back from the park 2 weeks ago and noted something that looks like a pimple on his neck. It has been almost 2 weeks and it is going away.



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Son woke up this morning, complaining of neck pain.

His lymph node on the right side is really swollen.

Complaining of slight shoulder pain.


That sounds like he is fighting some germs right?


Anything I can give him besides the Amox he is taking already.



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