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We are located in Ontario, Canada, and I am going back to my family doctor next week and am hoping for a referral to someone that could help us. At least to get that process going. My doctor is usually pretty good about referring. But I'm not sure who to ask to be referred to. Are there any doctors in Ontario that specialize in this? What about at sick kids hospital?


I also asked to join the Facebook group for Ontario Pandas support several days ago, but haven't been accepted yet. Anyone know who I can contact about that?

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Unfortunately, I think you are out of luck on Ontario.


Before investigating Lyme/coinfections, our pediatric psychologist told me that IVIG for PANDAS was not available to anyone unless they were incapacitated. DD14 didn't qualify. The psych told me she would refer me to the Tourette's clinic at Sick Kids in TO, but we never went.


The LLMD we saw in Buffalo told me that DD14's PANS was caused by a bartonella infection (DD was negative on the Canadian ELISA test so she couldn't be treated here. Our GP didn't test for coinfections).


We treated for 2 years with abx and then weaned to Buhner's herbal protocol for bartonella and then babesia as well. DD14 is now asymptomatic.


Sorry, I know this is no help whatsoever.

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Dr Wilson has been a wonderful help to us and to many other pandas/pans families I am in touch with in BC and Praries online groups. I mentioned this a few weeks back (Canadianmom) and you thought perhaps she couldn't help because she's in BC, but she does indeed work with families around the country. i am so grateful for her...

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