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headache every 10-11 days

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any thoughts on a recurring headache every 10-11 days? that is the only symptom. it may be the 4th cycle now.


this child had sudden onset 7.5 years ago. has been treated for everything -- long term treatment for strep, lyme etc, viruses, fungus, etc, etc.


he relapsed last year with active Lyme (beautiful hiking pictures ~2 weeks prior to rash), then strep, then myco. he's been what I consider in remission for give or take 10 months.



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Where is the headache located.... base of neck, shoulders, behind eyes? Or, are they spiking headaches? Or, are they sinus headaches?


The 10 to 11 day cycle makes me think Babesis. Was he worse over the last couple of days? Full moon was the 23rd and would also point to Babesia depending on type of headache or course.

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