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I'm doing the same thing! I researched thermometers for accuracy and picked a digital one (NES brand), so sorry no alternate recommendations.


However, here's a good thyroid/adrenal chart to use: http://www.drrind.com/therapies/metabolic-temperature-graph

There are downloadable chart files in there somewhere.

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No, I haven't gotten that far. Just researching alternative therapies right now. I read "Stop the Thyroid Madness" and I've been altering my diet slowly, dropping goitrogens, taking ashwagandha, etc.


I just bought a simple oral NES stick thermometer. I haven't testing it against anything else for accuracy but it seems to work fine.

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Hmm, I've heard that the digital ones are actually less accurate than the old mercury ones. (Although they do have the advantage that you don't have to wait 4 minutes to get a reading.) As for those liquid crystal strip things, the ones you're supposed to hold to your forehead to see if you have a temperature, don't bother, I can never get the same reading from those twice running, or anywhere near the same reading!


I managed to get one from a German brand called Geratherm (I got mine via Amazon, though obviously if you can find one from a source that aren't serial tax evaders then do); it works the same as a mercury thermometer but is filled with a non-poisonous alloy instead of mercury. The alloy is called Galinstan (gallium, indium and tin) and is very strange stuff when you think about it, because none of those metals individually are liquid at room temperature, but in combination they are! Works for me although, as I said, it does take 4 minutes to do which is tiresome, but at least I feel happier that it's the right answer.

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