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Suggested GABA dose?


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Hi all


I have a 13yr old boy who has had 'mild' T.S since about the age of 6. It has never (so far at least) become severe - generally simple vocal tics and some facial tics. He seems to have no other learning issues etc and school barely notices the tics. However, they are constant - never waxing waning. I have been reading a lot about GABA and think, for various reasons that it might really help him (he doesn't take anything except magnesium and some B vits) I am just wondering if anyone could suggest a starting dose? We are currently living in Nairobi, Kenya and homeopaths are pretty much non existent. He weighs about 85lbs if that helps!


Would be so grateful for any advice. I would obviously rather start low and see how/if it helps



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