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17 yr old Tonsils coming out this week

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Recovery is rough. My son is 12 and had his tonsils and adenoids removed last fall. Lots of pain and difficulty swallowing for the first five days. After a week he was OK, but it took 10 days to really recover. Staying hydrated is really important in general and for recovery. Make sure you use the pain medication because if it hurts to swallow it is hard to stay hydrated. Good luck!

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Biopsy showed strep in tonsils, in spite of DS being on treatment strength antibiotics for the past nine months. He was in rough shape for the first 11 days, but we are now glad he was willing to go through it as it seems that it's a good thing he had them removed.

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Yay!! I think you will see a much improved son after he finishes recovering from surgery and the residual strep. That might take 6+ weeks, since he's been ill so long.


Please do send an update though -- it'll be useful to others who have a kid who's on antibiotics for a long time w/o obvious tonsillitis, and w/o success.




PS. As I'd just said to someone else, I strongly suggest probiotics during and especially at the end of antibiotic treatment, so you don't wind up with GI inflammation from a messed up microbiome. We tend to rotate a few different types of probiotics so he'd have a broad set of the good bacteria. Someone had written here which types aren't killed by typical antibiotics, but I forget -- I think the Lactobacilli.

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